Wilhelm  Jost  Institut Förderverein e.V.

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Member can become each natural or legal entity, who would like to promote research and development activities in the areas of the process engineering, plant and process safety, the fire and explosion protection as well as environmental protection.

All members

  • determine the organization of future research activities,
  • have access to the entire, not confidential research results, which are compiled at Wilhelm-Jost-Institut development association e.V.,
  • can take the member short consultation for free and

Use our knowledge and expert pool!



How di I become a member?Aufnahmeantrag

According to the association articles a written request is necessary for this.
A diagram file with the appropriate form can be printed downloaded (with diagram to store under....) or directly. After all data are given, the request can be sent by post office or fax to the executive committee of the association